Double bass thumb position

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Although I sometimes use a fingering technique below the half point of the string 12th fret, if we had fretsI often find a thumb position fingering to be more efficient, easier on the hand and, most importantly, more accurate. Home Columns The Lowdown with Dr. Here are the three different classifications of thumb position written on the staff, all with thumb on G as the starting point: Connect with No Treble. I find that to be more dependable for most students: To play passages in this register, the player shifts his or her hand out from behind the neck and curves the hand, using the side of the thumb to press down the string ; in effect, the side of the thumb becomes a movable nut capo.

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The “Bloody Thumb” Exercise for Thumb Position Playing

By barring the thumb across the G and D strings, the G and D notes can be played in quick succession. All sorts of simple songs work well for teaching this concept. When you can perform it on the E string, the G string will seem like a cakewalk! Electric bassists such as Brian Bromberg and Steve Bailey have applied the thumb position technique to their instruments because they share a common tuning. Hang with us Join the conversation on our Facebook Group. When playing in thumb position, the use of the fourth finger is replaced by the third finger, as the fourth finger becomes too short to produce a reliable tone.

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double bass thumb position
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double bass thumb position
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