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Just go find four other guys, go sit in a room naked and tell all the girls present, "There: Of course, the irony is that we have no recourse. Ninety-five percent of the strip poker games I've ever been involved in have ended with five guys completely bare-ass naked and two girls coyly refusing to remove their underwear. Ladies, just to let you in on a little secret, this is how stupid guys are: We look like idiots.

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Strip poker is a total crock.

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The truth about strip poker

God forbid if three women want in because you'll be sitting at the table with six other men. Women don't have to think of these complicated schemes to get us to take our clothes off. You know what I realized? That's always the point when I realize these girls wanted the social cache of having "played" strip poker without actually having to sit around in their birthday suits with a bunch of creepy guys pretending not to look at them. Across the country, sexually riled teenagers, college kids and twentysomethings are eagerly engaging in games of strip poker, merrily laughing and drinking as they deal out hand after hand of Texas Hold 'Em or five card stud while claiming that a wristwatch counts as an article of clothing. Even though most men still don't realize it, I've figured out that you're really only using strip poker as a way to embarrass us. Strip poker is a total crock.

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