Black leather glove fetish

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She laid there for a few minutes running her gloved hands through my hair as l realised l'd just licked my aunt to orgasm and she had wanked me with her leather gloves l felt like l'd died and gone to heaven. There's nothing like being stroked and jacked off by a pair of gloved hands. Started with a quick look through the British video section however nothing really took my fancy. What gets each of our cocks hard is, of course, very much a matter of individual taste, probably rooted in childhood, transformed throughout our lives, and even mediated as in the case of cowboy movies by mass media. Love of leather Gloves My parents announced to me that due to her mother getting ill they were going to have to go to the states for a month, but as l had my university interview coming up l would go and stay with my aunt my father's elder sister.

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I lost all track of time and suddenly l heard a stern female voice say 'what do you think do are doing young man', shocked l turned around and there was my aunt standing there looking like a leather goddess before l could say anything she saw my erect cock and she licked her lips saying 'you have a thing about leather do you, well go into my bedroom and wait for me'.

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domme leather gloves fetish

Like other sorts of clothing fetishes, gloves can be incorporated into play in a variety of charming ways. This is a little story of one of my first encounters with a leather milf. Black Leather Gloves 2 - by Redbull It offers a different feeling and sound to the "spankee", which can be a large part of the fetish. Last edited Fetishists are proud of their collection of medical gloves, as well as rubber gloves. Please turn it on in your browser and reload the page.

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black leather glove fetish
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black leather glove fetish
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