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Sober Sue, the woman who never smiled, The Spin Masters at the Democratic can. As the media is wont to do, and is their job, news sources both high and low brow have been digging up old pics of the former beauty queen. Lincoln,how did you like the play? Well, Here We Go!

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Yes she's a member of the NRA.

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Sarah Palin in Bikini

I been tryin' for 3 hours to figure out what model Crosman air rifle that was! While Obama advisers and surrogates have drawn attention to Palin's political associations, the campaign has strictly avoided any comment on issues related to Palin's family, specifically anything focused on her year-old daughter's out-of wedlock pregnancy. A nervous young McCain staffer took it upon himself to explain to Palin the facts of life in a national campaign, the intense scrutiny she'd be under from the media, the viciousness of the assault that she'd be facing, etc.: Dedicated to the exploration of hoaxes, mischief, and misinformation throughout history. Including the photo shown and claiming Palin belonged to the Alaskan Independence Party, etc.

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