Constant dull ache around the anus

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Its sharp but I've had this before and it just goes away but I don't no what it is and it hurts to move and walk I can't even get out of bed ATM because its so bad!! It feels like pinching or a knife sometimes. If you have sores, blood, or persisting pain, you need to see a doctor as the cause could be serious. Please help me im so worried about it. This stuff is ok but I have peasized ulsur like sore within the bum hole. Proctitis causes inflammation in the lining of the rectum. If anything, cerial is one of the biggest causes

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Will there be any severe consequences for letting this go on for so long without getting it treated?

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Anal pain (proctalgia)

So please be aware of these dangers as well. I suffered from a deadly pain after stool. I reduced my jogging from 10km to 5km but still increased. But the pain lasts for the whole day and you cannot sit or walk properly. Have tried so many things bt its not working out. After I'm done I am immediatly relieved of the sharp knifelike pain.

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constant dull ache around the anus
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constant dull ache around the anus
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