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This week, the latest breakthroughs in cancer including blood tests to pick up the disease much earlier, new genetic treatments to trigger tumours to kill themselves, and a laser technique to zap cancers in hard-to-reach places. Veterans Excavate Old Conflicts. The live reef fish market demands two distinct sizes of fish, both smaller "plate sized" individuals enough for a single diner, as well as outsized adults that will impress guests at a banquet. How handedness spans the scientific world, from the smallest particles in the Universe to the drugs that cure disease and even the way you hold a pen, goes under the microscope this week as we explore the realms of asymmetry. This week - from adrenaline to arsenic, The Naked Scientists delve into the sinister science of poisons! Clean Could The Internet Die? Plus news of how a comet smash could have kick-star

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What causes them, and can we reverse them?

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The Naked Scientists Podcast

It's left mildly ambiguous as to how much of Will's father's story was the truth and how much of it was enhanced reality. Biggest fish in the sea still shrouded in mystery Download audio show transcript Broadcast: Discovery of the Decade? Ebola has rocked the world inbut why has this outbreak been so devastating? Hormones are the driving force behind reproduction and are what make us keen to go make babies. Forum discussions International scientific and practical conference Could drones be used to detonate landmines safely?

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naked science big fish
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naked science big fish
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