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And we don't care about the characters. The era of free love spawned scores of softcore porn magazines, with saucy names such as Nude RebelsNaked NomadsFlingGroovers and Tempty. Wily American pornographers sniffed an opportunity in the late s when the flower-power children of the counterculture revolution, liberated by the Pill, penicillin and LSD, shed their clothing along with their inhibitions. I know this comes as a shock to most of you. These films aren't too imaginative with the titles, are they?

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Bad acting, bad direction, bad looking woman, bad sets, bad cinematography, bad sound and bad sex scenes.

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Thankfully, Gabriella Hall has just a small part. Foursome is presented in 1. Skip to main content. Alas, like the film, this transfer is extraordinarily drab. Boy do I regret that. Save yourself the time and money, watch a softcore skin flick on Cinemax and forget this film exists.

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