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Attempts to get close to the caregiver and capture the caregiver's attention indicate the attachment system has been activated. The highest level of the hierarchy contains relational schemas for a general working model that applies to all relationships. A jealous person experiences anxiety about maintaining support, intimacy, and other valued qualities of her or his relationship. People who have secure attachment styles usually express greater satisfaction with their relationships than people who have other attachment styles. Something provokes anxiety in a person, who then tries to reduce anxiety by seeking physical or psychological closeness to their attachment. I don't worry about being abandoned or about someone getting too close to me. These changes can occur over periods of weeks or months.

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The study found that all four sets of factors cause changes in attachment styles.

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Attachment in adults

Children who exhibit this pattern of behavior are often called secure. Journal of Family Psychology. One study found that:. Availability and accessibility effects". People who have anxious—preoccupied or fearful-avoidant attachment styles experience jealousy more often and view rivals as more threatening than people who have secure attachment styles. The next level of the hierarchy contains relational schemas that apply to particular kinds of relationships. They sometimes value intimacy to such an extent that they become overly dependent on the attachment figure.

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hazan and shaver adult attachment style
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hazan and shaver adult attachment style
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