Endorphin release thru adult spanking

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Spoons, spatulas, wearing leather or even latex gloves can change the sensation for the bottom. I know your not supposed to use food, but using food as a bribe seems to work also for some kids. In sum, I agree with the late great Gore Vidal: It might be a full erotic spanking session or just a well placed slap on the ass during sex. Today all the searching in the spanko world and BDSM world leaves me sadly unfulfilled. But getting any sort of determination of that would involve bringing the nature and behaviour of the spanker, beyond just the act of spanking, into a falsifiable framework, not just a simple-minded sort and count of the spanked or not.

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It can even help an adult who was spanked as a child to erotically transcend some of the negative effects of his or her traumatic childhood.

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Spankology 101: The Psychology, Physiology, Art, History, Politics and Eroticism of Spanking

Of course, on birthdays, we give spankings galore. We have thousands of hours of professional training in massage and sex education, along with years of personal experience in the kink and BDSM community. My very attractive aunt who raised me gave me pants-down OTK disciplinary spankings from the time I was 7 until I was 11 and started getting erections right over her knee. So when he spanked me that one time, I was thrilled by the attention, as well as the simple touch of his big strong hand on my excitable bottom. The Psychology, Physiology, Art, History, Politics and Eroticism of Spanking drsuzy Article caneerotic spankingFetishflogimpact playpaddlesexy spankingspankspankingspankologywhip 46 46 Size. On The Frontpage Dr.

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endorphin release thru adult spanking
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endorphin release thru adult spanking
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