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Robust regression was used to evaluate the potential effect of specific individual characteristics on differences between measured and self-reported weight and height. One of the limitations of the isolated use of EI is that it only assesses the degree of hydrocephalus but does not give information about extent of cerebral atrophy. High-quality photos appeal to users more than blurry, unclear images. Chiari I anatomy after ventriculoperitoneal shunting: The syndrome comprises of ventricular enlargement, gait disturbance and urinary incontinence.

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Recent attempts include direct volumetric assessment using sophisticated software algorithms like the mean diffusivity histogram analysis,[ 20 ] the use of CSF biomarkers, Positron emission tomography with amyloid tracers, total and phosphorylated Tau measurements.

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Computerized tomographic study of normal Evans index in adult Nigerians

Self-reported mean varied no more than 1. A preliminary study on 44 adults. Here are some tips:. Was this article helpful? In the case of images, some of these signals are generated using machine learning, but the SafeSearch algorithms also look at simpler things such as where the image was used previously and the context in which the image was used. Idiopathic normal pressure hydrocephalus is a potentially reversible cause of dementia in the elderly which responds positively to CSF shunting procedures.

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