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The demand for labor in the area increased sharply and an internal slave market expanded. All rights were to the owner of the slave, with the slave having no rights of self-determination either to his or her own person, spouse, or children. Problems in Race, Political Economy, and Society. Puerto Rico — Venezuela. He weighs lbs. The invention of the cotton gin enabled expanded cultivation in the uplands of short-staple cotton, leading to clearing lands cultivating cotton through large areas of the Deep South, especially the Black Belt.

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Fogel argues that when planters intervened in the private lives of slaves it actually had a negative impact on population growth.

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Slave breeding in the United States

Part of a series on Slavery Contemporary. Views Read Edit View history. Slaves were treated as a commodity by owners and traders alike, and were regarded as the crucial labor for the production of lucrative cash crops that fed the triangle trade. By country or region. Q StudiesPrinceton University Press,pp.

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