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And they become very disappointed and they tend to blame their wives when the wives keep producing females, but it's all their fault. With limited support from their spouses, a shortage of publicly funded day-care and few policies or practices to enable flexible ways of working, many consider it impossible to continue their career. And when women can muster the energy to go out, 1 in 4 have confessed to having fallen asleep during a date. Injournalist Shiori Ito became the first Japanese woman to speak publicly about the sexual violence she had experienced, after prosecutors decided to drop the case. Is that the people doing the blame are the people to blame for the lack of a male heir.

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So let's say that the frequency of it-- and I looked it up before this video-- roughly they say between 1 in 5, to 10, men exhibit hemophilia.

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(Pamphlet) Women and Men in Japan

And the famous cases all deal with specific disorders. Just last month, Mio Sugita, a parliamentarian from the ruling party, used gender stereotypes around child-bearing to attack same-sex marriage. And the reason why I said it's ironic is throughout history, and probably the most famous example of this is Henry the VIII. It's probably true, because most of our civilization is male dominated, that you've had these men who are obsessed with producing a male heir to kind of take over the family name. Your mom could give this other X chromosome with that X chromosome. And obviously if this guy up here wins the race. So, for example, color blindness.

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